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Joey Dollar is an exclusive manufacturers' representative for the Euro Body Shaper and the Triad Aer Air Purification Systems.


We are also known as an independent sales representatives or sales agents, that sell a manufacturer's products to wholesale buyers, to your retail customers and direct consumer sales. We offer decades of sales representation experience for industrial manufacturers of all sizes and budgets.


Our goal is to work with your sales force and bring out the eye of the tiger in each individual. We have the ability to assist with the individual sales workflow of your business. We offer results to maximize the potential of your sales team and your sales process!

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Joe Daher, Founder & CEO

Joe Daher

Founder & CEO

This is usually the part where people brag about their accomplishments and material possessions that they've acquired...blah, blah, blah. Not me, simply said I've learned to determine the best things to do and not to do. My first sales job was working at a County Fair getting leads for a chimney sweep company. It was dirty work! After decades in sales I have become acutely skilled at detecting buyers expectations, concerns and goals. I believe that when we understand others, and their needs, and the "why", I am most able to meet their needs.

Sherry Stearn, VP of Operations

Sherry Stearn

VP of Operations

Sherry is a seasoned career corporate spokesperson for many of the most recognized brands throughout the USA. Her skills include Marketing and PR, Publicity Campaigns, Product Pitching, Press Junkets, Press Releases, Corporate Sponsorships, Product Promotion and Representation. Social Media Spokesperson, Content Management, Art Advertisement Direction, Vendor Liaison, Facility Management, Trade Show and Exposition Promotions, Brand Ambassadorship and Interactive Marketing. Additional skills include Copywriter, Screenwriter, Actor, Filmmaker and Producer, Production Manager and Reporter!


Sherry is a member of the Stars Outreach/The Art & Music Development Center in Hollywood Florida. USA

Ready to leave a mark? Contact us!

Ready to leave a mark? Contact us!

We offer decades of sales representation experience for industrial manufacturers of all sizes and budgets. From referrals, warm leads to fully vetted & qualified quoting opportunities, we have a plan to help you grow. We deliver salespeople with the core skills you need to cultivate and introduce new customers. Contact us for a free consultation!

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