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The Euro Body Shaper workout is so quick and fun to use every day, you will look forward to your workout! In just 10 minutes a day, 3-7 times a week you'll be on your way to measurable results with no exertion required. Many groups of muscles can be targeted with simple adjustments in posture and body positioning.


No more excuses or delayed trips to the gym with the Euro Body Shaper. It’s super compact and can be used at your leisure whenever you have a few spare minutes. The Euro Body Shaper is so quiet you can use it while you watch TV! This whole-body vibration machine was designed to provide all the benefits of exercise without any of the constraints or hassle of conventional exercise which can cause stress to joints ligaments and tendons and risk of injury; whereas vibration exercise improves them!


This fascinating new technology is being used by celebrities and athletes around the world vibration exercise has the choice among the fittest today many professional sports teams universities and medical centers use whole-body vibration in their regular training schedules.


The Euro Body Shaper can aid slimming, reduce cellulite and body fat, lower stress, increase muscle tone and metabolism, improve circulation, and reduce varicose veins all with very little effort in a reduced training time.

Euro Body Shaper

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Power: 500 Watt Oscillating, 300 Watt Pivotal
    Motor Type: Commercial DC Brushless Motor
    Platform Size: 24″ by 27″ by 60″
    Unit Weight: 125 lbs
    Max Weight: 400 lbs

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