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Advertising Services

Ready to make your social media marketing hop?  Joey Dollar has the answer, with proven social media strategists and content marketing experts who will provide the digital presence your business or franchise needs to find and retain customers—all at a price that you can afford.

Facebook Marketing

Joey Dollar understands Facebook, and there is no better team to get your business or franchise up and going on the world’s largest social network. From crafting a professional appearance for your business or franchise’s pages to populating them with engaging hyperlocal content to building custom target ads that set your business or franchise in front of potential customers or new franchisees, Joey Dollar has all of your Facebook needs under one roof. We’ll post the right content at the right time, so clients notice your company and take action.


Google My Business Marketing
My Business

Google is all about building connections, and nobody does that better than SocialJoey. We use quality content precisely timed to promote and sustain a powerful community for your business or franchise on Google My Business. When it comes to ranking search results for local businesses and franchises, or placing businesses and franchises on Google Maps, Google looks to their own platform: Google My Business.  Without Google My Business, you won't show up in Google search results or Google Maps.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter moves fast, and that’s why Joey Dollar is ready to help your business or franchise keep up. We post the right content to Twitter so that your potential customers can keep in touch with your brand. Posting at peak times ensures visibility, while quality content keeps people engaged. It’s a powerful tool for business. Twitter gives potential customers a quick snapshot of what your company is about. By partnering with Joey Dollar on Twitter, your business or franchise will be able to build brand awareness—the first step to making more sales.


LinkedIn Marketing

Your business or franchise matters, and that’s why Joey Dollar is ready to take your LinkedIn presence to a whole new level with powerful content and ads. By keeping your business current on the internet’s premiere business-focused social media platform, Joey Dollar makes sure that every great opportunity for growth and expansion can come your way.

Hiring someone new? Expanding sales? Searching for more business-to-business work? Recruiting new franchisees? A professional presence on LinkedIn is the key, and SocialJoey knows the way.

Let Us Blog For You

There’s nothing Joey Dollar's team of professional writers loves more than informing your public about key topics related to your business or franchise. And blogs are where that happens. Joey Dollar's experienced writers know how to write blogs that build a following, help people better understand your product or service, and create trust in your brand. Best of all? A current and relevant blog will ensure your business or franchise stands out as an expert in your field and is a major piece of building a strong SEO strategy.



Traditional Print Advertising

Social media is, inherently, about authentic social connections. So how can businesses and franchises leverage those relationships to build sales? Joey Dollar knows how to reach highly targeted audiences with strategically timed, compelling messages that convert followers to customers. Businesses and franchises often have trouble making themselves heard in a sea of other online voices. Our social media advertising experts know how to make every click count with highly-targeted, results-driven ads on all the top social media platforms.


With all of the different social media services offered through Joey Dollar, it’s easy to see why we offer is the most powerful and affordable marketing tool available for your business or franchise. It’s time to unleash the power of social media and let our social media experts and professional designers, and writers get your social media marketing hopping today

"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous"

Bill Moyers

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