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Business To Human Sales

When it comes to optimizing the customer sales experience, the most impactful strategies in B2B and B2C are B2H: business-to-human. Let’s examine:

Experience with the sale is everywhere

A polished, engaging and even exciting customer experience is something that consumers have come to expect. These expectations come from daily interactions greatly influenced by the ease of mobile technologies that allow us to order a meal, theatre, or plane tickets or even see our doctors at the mere click of a button.

The customer’s experience should be favorable and simple, and inventive in ways that lead to increased sales, repeat business, and enthusiastic referrals. 

In the business to human approach, it's all about the interface

With new innovations in sales and marketing ever-present, they create new paradigms of expectations in the world of retail, whether it's a B2B or B2C environment.  Joey Dollar’s 'business 2 human' approach, or B2H, helps manufacturers and retailers take their customer experiences to the VIP level. Employing our exclusive B2H approach creates an evolved customer experience. We offer tailored Concierge based curatorship that will:

  • Delivers your product to consumers

  • Enable you to deploy retention methods that continually result in a greater ROI


Joey Dollar customizes the B2H program for each client that can be deployed throughout your sales organization. The foundation of an effective program is the designed approach when engaging your customers from the sales pitch to the close.

In other words, while most transactions between businesses in the B2B world are mandated by the needs of the corporation. In the B2C world, we deliver live e-commerce sites for the consumer point of sale, and if the revenue streams don’t reflect our expectations, we revise and redesign to prevent the consumer from moving on to a competitor's site.


With our exclusive Joey Dollar B2H customer experience, our interface brings in the elements of what inspires us in everyday life. We B2B and B2C consumers the ability to easily access product purchase options and upsells, and gather intel about the customer’s passion, and create an effective yet interesting path-to-product discovery, purchase, and order fulfillment. We replicate the buying experience in ways that make the consumer-retailer relationship as easy as tapping a button on your mobile phone.


B2H - Business To Human Sales

The B2H approach is needed in any retail environment. We create customized formulas for the most effective customer experience. We build rapport with each and every customer and help you deliver quality service with life-long customer loyalty. 

At the end of the day, consumership is on our DNA. Ask Joey Dollar how we can help transform your retail sales force with proven strategies that address external biases and expectations and eliminate the risk of losing consumers to the evolving customer experience disruptors you face daily within your industry.

“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Rentention Strategies

Retention Strategies

Retention Doesn't Happen By Accident

Our customer retention programs are a custom set of specific initiatives designed to increase customer value. Our approach encourages them to re-purchase by evangelizing your company's product or service. Our approach is designed to be spearheaded by us and company-led by instituting customer onboarding processes, or customer-led, such as downloading and using a mobile app to make purchases.

The lifecycle of a customer starts with Onboarding. It is a sign of success to teach new customers how to use your product or service. It's also hard to improve your business if you don't know how your customers feel about it. Once gathered, you should analyze your survey results by looking for trends in customer behavior and areas to enhance user experience and develop proactive communications for upselling and cross-sell, and reward your loyal customers.  Following through with a customer education program demonstrates a long-term investment in your customer base. Beyond that, it's important to get involved with your customers beyond the product and services and think about their core values by creating a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that pursues a moral goal. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can help your organization design and implement these key programs:

  • Customer Feedback Loops

  • Marketing Sales Service Website

  • Members and Subscription Programs

  • Communication Calendars

  • Customer Loyalty Programs

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Programs (CSR)

  • Company Newsletter

Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching is a Sales Manager’s first priority. 

Coaching is the role played to develop skills, increase performance, and achieve greater goals. 

 Sales coaching is an attitude.  Coaches are tasked with helping team members with self-awareness and to find ways to overcome closing obstacles that solve problems and grow.  The objectives of sales coaching are to:

  • Determine team member's strengths and define areas for growth and improvement

  • Evaluate and change behaviors that impede sales processes

  • Develop product knowledge and closing skills

  • Inspire & Motivate!

  • Provide ongoing evaluations and feedback

  • Identify core strengths and improve client relationships

  • Create a team-based atmosphere sales members become motivated to improve, succeed, and take pride in the work they are doing.


Effective sales coaching is critical long-term growth for any sales organization. It is the top priority for a sales manager.  Contact us now and ask about our flexible Coaching Packages and free, no-obligation team evaluation!

“Identity is cause; 
brand is effect.”

Larry Ackerman

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